A comprehensive solution of dental problems

  • If you come short of your own teeth.
  • If you are wearing a removable denture.
  • If you suffer from teeth looseness and loss or nasty form of parodontosis. Solution: new dental implantation in a day, using ILTI methodology.

ILTI dental implantation and denture treatment

  • ILTI – is the combination of top achievements in immediate loading implantology techniques with the professional approaches,
    developed by Dr. Krush over the years of practice.
  • Implementation of the effective proprietary ILTI methodology of implantation and denture treatment enables to provide assistance to patients even in complicated cases.

Implants are produced in Switzerland, Germany and Israel, and carry Ministry of Health quality certificates FDA and CE.

Dental implantation stages

  • 1. Examination by a qualified dentist, study of computer tomography images, a treatment plan development.
  • 2. Affected teeth removal (if necessary) and surgical placement of implants and abutments.
  • 3. Impression, fabricating and placement of screw-retained prosthetic restoration later in the day.
  • 4. The second visit in two months’ time — for control check and dental bridge correction.

New teeth in a day by ILTI methodology — is a great opportunity to regain your smile and eat whatever you like,
 and once again you will be delighted to see your smile, reflecting in a mirror.

Where dental implantation takes place?

  • In Israel. In Dr. Krush Dental Clinic in Jerusalem.
  • Here we treat patients from Israel, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, the USA, Belgium and other countries.
  • For foreign patients — airport transfer service, accommodation in the clinic’s private apartments, personal tour guide.

Contact us today and receive particulars on treatment in Dr. Krush Clinic.

Who performs dental implantation?

  • • Doctor Victor Krush — is the full member of German Association of Oral Implantology (DGOI) and Israeli Association of Oral Implantology (IAOI), as well as of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).
  • Doctor Krush possesses a solid experience in performing implantation and denture treatment operations on patients with various types of impairments.
  • Doctor Victor Krush implements the latest methodologies of implantation and denture treatment in his work, which enables to achieve optimal results even in complicated cases.
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